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University of Pennsylvania
Diane Sandefur, TRIO Veterans Upward Bound Director

"Karla Chin offered advice on lowering stress and increasing health and wellness to the TRIO Veterans Upward Bound students at the University of Pennsylvania.  Karla gave the students tips on how to reduce stress in their lives, how to direct their life to what is important, and how to eat nutritious meals.  She also took the students through some brief and low-impact, self-esteem boosting exercises.  The students commented that Karla was very energetic and enthusiastic and it is just what they needed!  Karla was fun yet challenging with the students and got them to think about what is important to them and how they can take ownership for their decisions!  It was a great workshop!"

Women in Cable Telecommunications
Christina Andrews, SVP Programs

"Karla is a gifted coach and instructor, inspiring clients and colleagues alike with her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. Her holistic approach to health helps individuals work towards wellness in a realistic and sustainable manner. Her grasp of the interplay between goals, behavior, mindset and results distinguishes her work and makes the journey toward better health and wellness enjoyable. If you want to achieve or promote a thriving lifestyle, Karla will get you there."

Brad Baldia
President of PACC - PASNJ

"Karla's an extremely talented and passionate entrepreneur. I was very impressed with her professionalism and dedication to giving back to the community. I recruited her to speak about work/life balance at the National Federation of Filipino American Association Pennsylvania's Statewide Summit this year. She did an amazing job and was a very dynamic speaker. I especially appreciate her work with women's health and holistic nutrition. I would highly recommend her as a speaker or trainer!"

Akita Brooks
Professional Coach & Educator

"Through our mutual membership with our local Toastmaster’s International Club, I’ve always known Karla to be a dynamic, personable, and energetic speaker & individual. She carries with her a charm and charisma that is very engaging. Karla carries this same presence into the areas of her personal development and coaching business. I’ve enjoyed her sincere and energetic personality that encouraged me up to take further actions toward reaching my goals. Because of her guidance and gentle “nudges” for positive change, I’ve been able to choose healthier options to be at my physical and emotional best!"

Chris Chang
Investment Banker

"It just took one conversation for Karla to help guide me through the process of leading a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. She provided me with a foundation that has and will continue to have a profound impact on my life. Not only have I finally managed to find a balance between work and my personal life, I’ve become a much more positive person that truly appreciates and is a grateful for what I have."

Karin Hirsch
Founder of Lotus Living Space

"Karla is a highly inspirational and motivational coach. Everything she teaches is of exceptional value and spirit. She has the ability to turn someone’ s life around due to her profound knowledge and intuition. I admire her advices – they are always spot on."

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