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Customized Solutions

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Self-Awareness Tools & Assessments


The Birkman Method: An online personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment measuring and reporting behavioral strengths, motivations, expectations, stress behavior, and career profiles. The Birkman Method is the tool to understand self, understand others, and the interpersonal and career choices that can lead to success and well being. 


Energy Leadership Index (ELI): The ELI Assessment is an attitudinal assessment that measures your current level of energy based on your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions in life. Through the assessment and the debrief process, you will become clear on the thoughts, perceptions, attitudes and actions that block you from leading the life that you deserve to live and from being the leader that you truly are.


*Each assessment includes a 90-minute debrief session with Karla Chin via phone/Skype.


3-month Self-Leadership
Intensive Program


Karla's integrative & "whole leader" coaching process will enable you thrive in all areas of your life. She offers coaching on topics that range from health, nutrition, work-life integration, stress-management, relationships, priority management, and life purpose. Karla views all of these as sources of “nourishment”.


Together, you'll explore concerns specific to you and discover the best choices and tools that you need for a lifetime of balance, fulfillment and joy.


Program include the Birkman Method & ELI assessments.


Contact Karla to schedule a 15-minute interview to determine whether you're the best fit for each other. Coaching spots are very limited.




Speaking & Corporate Wellness Programs


Whether for a corporate wellness program, conference, non-profit event, women’s event, wellness retreat and more, Karla Chin will have your attendees inspired, empowered and armed with strategies for success.


Karla customizes each presentation to suit the needs of your group/team/attendees. Karla engages participants in stepping out of their comfort zones to achieve greater fulfillment, health and life balance. 



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